The Modern Farmhouse Kitchen

I absolutely LOVE a farmhouse kitchen. I grew up in a rural area for the better part of my life. Everyone had land, open space, and air to breathe. When I would walk to my bus stop, cows would be staring straight at me! The smell was awful, but the scenery was amazing!

Whenever I see a farmhouse kitchen, it reminds me of that open space with lots of light coming through. It reminds me of entertaining and family and a cozy home.

Don’t get me wrong, I love the city, but eventually want to raise a family in the country. Right now, we live in the heart of Columbia, which is a bit busier than what I would like. It’s still suburbs, but busy. We are in a small townhouse with three tiny rooms. Although we are an end unit, there is not much room to breathe fresh air and sun to soak in. A girl can only dream as of now! 🙂

I’ve put together this amazing list of farmhouse kitchens with their clean looks, open floors, wood accents, and more!

My 11 Farmhouse Kitchens to die for

Get ready for my top 11 farmhouse kitchen list! I hope you love it as much as I do!

ONE. Our Faux Farmhouse – The light gray walls make it super simple. I love the wood accents with the light fixtures as well as on top of the stove. This would go perfectly with my Rustic Coffee Table in the living room!
Farmhouse Kitchen

TWO. Westport Modern Farmhouse – I love the beautiful subway tiles for a backsplash! Super clean!
Farmhouse Kitchen


THREE. Jenna Sue Design Co. – The gray cabinets and the exposed beams are to die for!!

Farmhouse Kitchen

FOUR. Our Vintage Love Home – From the shelves to the pots & pans rack, everything about this kitchen is so cozy!
Farmhouse Kitchen

FIVE. Maison de Pax – This is a SUPER clean and simple look. The shiplap and the sink are gorgeous for this kitchen! This is truly a modern farmhouse look!
Farmhouse Kitchen

SIX. Allegiance Builders – Okay, this is a little different. I absolutely adore the black accents. It brings a certain feel to the place that only black can do!
Farmhouse Kitchen

SEVEN. Markalunas Architecture Group, LLC. – This might have to be my favorite. The beams, the hooded stove, the fixtures, and seats right on the island are all making this super inviting!
Farmhouse Kitchen

EIGHT. Beverage Building & Remodeling – In this one the doors on the pantry are screaming out to me. Love it!
Farmhouse Kitchen

NINE. Hammersmith Atlanta – This kitchen…one word, LIGHTING! I love how much natural light this kitchen brings in.
Farmhouse Kitchen

TEN. Modern Organic Interiors – Subway tile and openness makes me want to bake in here all day!
Farmhouse Kitchen

ELEVEN. New York Cottages & Gardens – I can’t get enough of this one. The tall ceilings with wood accents are stunning! The sunflowers definitely have a place in my heart too!
Farmhouse Kitchen

Farmhouse Kitchen Dreams

All in all, I desperately hope to incorporate each and every one of these farmhouse kitchen elements into our future farmhouse! What are some of your favorites? Get subscribed so you won’t ever miss another list like this again!

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Farmhouse Kitchen

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2 thoughts on “11 Beautiful Farmhouse Kitchen Ideas

  1. They’re all so pretty!! I think my favorites are #6 with the black accents and #9 because those windows & the natural light really make that kitchen glow. Also, I know what you mean — I imagine myself settling down on a quiet piece of property, and not in the city even though there’s so much to do in a city. I hope to make my dream home into something with lots of entertainment — like an aerial yoga studio or something! :))

    Posted on July 30, 2017 at 2:38 pm
    1. Same! I love the black accents in #6. The city definitely offers so much, but nothing like a quiet space 🙂

      Posted on July 31, 2017 at 7:25 am