Room Organization = Mind Organization

Since purchasing this house is 2015, room organization in each space of the house has not been finished. I’m sure by the time it all is, I’ll be ready to move again!

My mom always told me that the key to an organized mind is an organized room. It’s true! When I walk into work and see an unorganized desk or when I walk into the bedroom and see clothes on the floor, I freak! It does not start my day clearheaded and healthy. I start worrying about all the things that probably don’t need that much worrying about.

Over the years, I have “collected” a LOT of art, craft, DIY supplies. The townhouse I own has a designated room for “art”. I wish I had a before picture of how ridiculous it looked. It was BAD.. There were trashbags full of boxes that needed to be recycled, pencils and markers everywhere, unorganized drawers, papers flying around!

I sat down and said okay, let’s chip away at this room organization one piece at a time

First Steps to Room Organization

As I was cleaning, I noticed that I have a lot of little pieces and odds and ends pieces. I wanted a way to put them all together, yet conserve space.

There is one dresser in the room that I desperately wanted to get rid of, but it housed most of the odds and ends pieces. I started researching and saw that many people were successful with Peg Board organization. I immediately fell in love with it!

With the peg board, I was able to house markers, pens, crayons, pencils, etc. in little buckets I got for a couple dollars each on Amazon. I’ll provide the products at the end!

Then I bought some little wooden crates to store paint and other knick knacks. Again, the product will be at the bottom!

Next, mason jars were a priority for me. I LOVE adding mason jar accents to room organization! Great pieces for a little bit of money!

Finally, I utilized this really awesome pegboard kit that comes with hooks and shelving which is PERFECT for all I had to store

Room Organization

DIY Peg Board for Room Organization

Room Organization

Unfortunately, I don’t have pictures, but it’s easy enough for anyone to do. I just wanted to provide a quick list of instructions overview. The main point is just for you to get inspiration from mine on how to organize it!


  • Peg Board
  • Trim (optional)
  • Paint (I chose white)
  • Dry wall anchors & Screws
  1. First decide on what size peg board you want for your room. You can get them at your local Home Depot or Lowes or any hardware store!
  2. Next, I picked out some trim and measured it to the board. You can glue it or nail it right on there!
  3. Then, I painted mine white. I had some left over KILZ which was perfect.
  4. After that’s done drying, screw some dry wall anchors into the wall. Make sure to align and measure with the pegboard. I did my two anchors at the top corners of the peg board
  5. With help, hold the pegboard in alignment to the anchors and drill your screws into the pegboard. That’s It!

Room Organization

Other Thoughts on Pegboard Room Organization

All in all it was really exciting and fun to put together this piece. It really ties the room together and makes it look like a space where I’m ready to work.

I added some shelves as well for some more organization on this wall. You can join in on this series by subscribing here to never miss room organization stuff from me! Next, we are going to turn the closet into shelves for more storage space!

Room Organization

Room Organization


Products Used

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