Store Bought Wreath Vs. DIY Fall Wreath

First and foremost, it has been a WHILE since I have posted because of well, life, but I’m so excited to show you this DIY fall wreath. I was shopping around for the perfect fall wreath. My first stop was Etsy because I love supporting small business and other creative minds! There wasn’t anything though that I was super in love with. There were bits and pieces of different fall wreaths that I liked but none that I wanted entirely.

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My next stop was Michael’s. Michael’s had a great selection of things, but it was SO overpriced and expensive. They were asking $80 for a LEAST. That’s when I made a deal with myself to go the cheaper route and set aside some time for a small craft project! I bought the materials and committed to a thirty minute window of my time on a saturday night. It turned out beautifully if I do say so myself!

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3 Simple Steps: DIY Fall Wreath

In order to make the DIY fall wreath, it was super easy. You can do it in these three simple steps.

All you need are the following materials:

  • Glue gun
  • Flowers
  • Scissors
  • Wreath (Grapevine, wood, etc.) – I am using one from our Etsy store. You can order one here

diy fall wreath

1. First think about your color scheme. I wanted a very neutral scheme with a lot of white and brown with orange as an accent color for pumpkins of course. I picked out these flowers and arranged them in a general location of what I thought was best for my wreath.

diy fall wreath

2. Next, I trimmed the flowers and pieces I needed. Most of these plastic flowers you buy at Michael’s are easy to take apart. They have these little flower heads and leaves that just pop off of the stem!

diy fall wreath

3. Finally, start gluing things down with your hot glue gun! Hold pieces to dry each time you glue something down. It takes about a good 30-45 seconds until it stays in place. After you’re done, touch up areas that need to be glued down.

diy fall wreath

Just like that you’re done and you have an easy 30 minute DIY Fall Wreath for your door! Taking your new skills from the DIY fall wreath, you can apply it to your wreath for any season! You can check out the winter wreath I did here.

Shop the DIY Fall Wreath Products

For some of the materials I used for my DIY fall wreath, see the products below! You can get really creative with the designs you want to use. Keep in mind less is more! I like to accent things and have small pops of color. You can also substitute anything for a pretty bow as well. I suggest a wide burlap ribbon! 🙂

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