To DIE for Party Pom Poms

I first made these Party Pom Poms because I was on a desperate budget for party decorations! Tissue paper costs next to nothing and you get so many with these! I only bought two packets of tissue paper and made a bajillion party pom poms! I put them to use here in my post about my Mom’s 50th Birthday.

You can virtually do them in any color and play around with designs. I’ll talk about that more later on though.


Party Pom Poms How To

  1. First take out four or five sheets of Tissue Paper.  Could be same color or different. You can play around with this! Party Pom Poms Party Pom Poms
  2. Next, start fan folding it back and forth positioning it vertically. Your folds should be about an inch – inch and a half. Too big and it will be difficult to “petal” them later.  Party Pom Poms Party Pom Poms
  3. Then, cut it in half. One sheet will make you two SMALL ones. You can play around with size. The longer you keep it, the bigger the pom pom. Party Pom Poms
  4. After, take one of the halves and tie a 2 inch string around it. You can cut off excess string later.  Party Pom Poms
  5. Following, trim the ends into a round shape (you can play with this shape later on) For now, we will keep it simple!  Party Pom Poms
  6. Starting with either side, pull up each layer.  Party Pom Poms
  7. Finally you should have your party pom pom! You can wrestle around with it to maneuver the petals if it looks misshapen. Party Pom Poms

How to Utilize Party Pom Poms

For my party pom poms, I glued them on cardboard number cut outs. My DIY on that is here. They basically were flowering numbers for my mom’s “50” sign.

Anyway, I came up with some other ideas here on how to utilize them!

  • Hang them in a string
  • Tape them on the wall
  • Bedroom decor
  • Tape small ones to balloons
  • Party favors
  • Table decorations
  • Table centerpiece

What are ways you utilize your party pom poms?


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