Accidental Succulent Propagation

I grew a great love for succulent propagation by accident, hence the title! I started out by brainstorming ideas for Mother’s Day gifts and decided to make a DIY Succulent Planter (here). My passion for succulents had just started. All these leaves fell off accidentally. I knew I couldn’t just throw them away!

Succulent Propagation

I’ve always seen both of my grandmothers take plants and start them off by a small stem or leaf.

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A Need for a DIY Rustic Farmhouse Table

A few months ago, I rearranged the living room and I NEEDED a DIY farmhouse coffee table. Most meals are spent in front of the TV (bad habit, I know), so a table was a necessity. I absolutely LOVE West ELm and Pottery Barn, but hello…teacher budget!

Therefore, I started researching on to see if I could find anything that would be cheap, easy, but still look rustic and awesome!

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Realizing It’s My Mom’s 50th Birthday

It’s my Mom’s 50th Birthday. As many know, Stella, our mom, has a nickname Lala. The backstory to that is when she was little she tried to say her name Stella, but couldn’t. Thus, Lala the nickname was born. Now all the cousins, nieces, nephews, siblings, etc know our mother by Lala.

50th Birthday

A couple of weeks ago our mother turned the big five –

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To DIE for Party Pom Poms

I first made these Party Pom Poms because I was on a desperate budget for party decorations! Tissue paper costs next to nothing and you get so many with these! I only bought two packets of tissue paper and made a bajillion party pom poms! I put them to use here in my post about my Mom’s 50th Birthday.

You can virtually do them in any color and play around with designs.

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Why a DIY Succulent Planter?

This DIY succulent planter is the PERFECT gift for anyone. I made a list of quick reasons why!

  • Cheap!
  • Easy to assemble
  • Low maintenance plants (perfect if you don’t have a green thumb like me!)
  • Plants last forever
  • Homemade touch
  • Bring warmth into any room

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Starting a Blog

Why I Am Starting a Blog

I have contemplated time and time again whether on not starting a blog would be a good idea. What it came down to was this question – would I be willing to start it or not?

A common theme in my life that I take 100% accountability for is procrastination! The problem isn’t doing the work because I’m great and efficient at getting things done.

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