Accidental Succulent Propagation

I grew a great love for succulent propagation by accident, hence the title! I started out by brainstorming ideas for Mother’s Day gifts and decided to make a DIY Succulent Planter (here). My passion for succulents had just started. All these leaves fell off accidentally. I knew I couldn’t just throw them away!

Succulent Propagation

I’ve always seen both of my grandmothers take plants and start them off by a small stem or leaf. I stayed away since I do NOT have a green thumb at all.

However, since succulents are super easy to grow and take care of, it was a great alternative to my black thumb! I researched some succulent propagation, so this is my take on things now that I have finally begun to see some little sprouts! Sidenote, I am no professional by any means, and if you have any suggestions for me please feel free to share! This is just what worked for me 🙂

Succulent Propagation on Purpose

Before we begin, if you want to do succulent propagation on purpose, follow these set of rules first!

  1. Remove leaves from the bottom of the stem.
  2. Following, you have a bare bottom stem and top full of leaves, use scissors to cut the top (should look like a mini succulent tree).
  3. The stem (still in pot) will start to grow on its own.
  4. The top, you will treat just as you do with the leaves! Keep it in tact (don’t take the leaves off unless they’re in the way of the bottom stem) and let it dry and callous!
  5. Finally go ahead and plant it in cactus soil.

Succulent Propagation

My Succulent Propagation How To

  1. First, take the leaves and examine them. Make sure they are a clean cut from the stem. If it is not the entire leaf, it will not propagate.
  2. Then, you will dry them out. I like to dry them out on paper towels. This way it can absorb any excess moisture. The bottom of the leaves will callous and turn hard just like a callous on our skin! You want this!
    Succulent Propagation
  3. After they have calloused (and timing for each plant and leave will depend, just be patient) transfer them to soil. Lay them flat on the soil just as you have with the paper towel drying.  Succulent Propagation Succulent Propagation Succulent Propagation
  4. Next, using a spray bottle, give them some water. Think of them as babies, so they need to be fed more often than adult. I give them water between 2-3 days. 
  5. You’ll notice roots starting to appear from the leaves! You’re almost there! This takes anywhere from a week or so to a I said, be patient!  Succulent Propagation
  6. Finally, it will continue to grow until a new succulent forms. You can remove the “starting leaf” or just leave it until it dries and falls off on its own. You will repot in soil once this happens!

Succulent Propagation Succulent Propagation Succulent Propagation

Now you have successfully completed your first succulent propagation!

If you don’t want to buy pots, I like to cut egg cartons in half and put potting soil in them.

Succulent Propagation


What to Do After Succulent Propagation?

In conclusion, you have now completed succulent propagation! Watch your babies grow! It’s amazing to see how easy it is and so satisfying when you see that you’ve made so many new potential plants. Keep in mind not all are going to be successful for whatever reason, and that’s okay!

Succulent Propagation

All in all, it’s a great experience. I have repotted mine in the new house of the front yard in a large wooden barrel planter. When they get too big, I’ll transfer them again or start the succulent propagation all over again and size them down to make new plants!

Succulent Propagation


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