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Post Saturday Sit Down

So, it’s Monday I know hah. Have you checked out my Instagram? I’ve been sharing Saturday Sit Downs where I share some of my favorite things that happened that week. In an effort to show my blog a little more love I decided to take my Saturday Sit Down here although this time around I’m a few days late!

1. We closed on the sale of our home back in Pittsburgh. PS: In July we moved to Naples, Fl. We used Dylan Stephens with EXP realty and he was superb. Please check them out.

2. After 7 months I finally had a manicure and pedicure. I went to Nail Color in North Naples and they were professional and courteous. They are following all CDC guidelines for COVID-19.

3. I started attending a women’s bible study at a local church: Grace Bible Church. We’re reading through The Power of Christian Contentment by Andrew M. Davis. I’m only a few chapters in but it’s already speaking to my heart.

4. We received our Greenstalk Vertical Planter. It’s perfect for gardening and growing when you’re limited on space.

5. Barnes and Noble has a beautiful Kids Collectible Editions that include classic literature like Treasure Island, The Wizard of Oz, The Secret Garden and many more. The cover is colorful and in bonded leather and it includes a ribbon marker.

6. And you, you are always my favorite thing about this week!

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