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Saturday Sit Down 9/19/2020

Here are some of my favorite things that happened this last week:

  1. I managed to post this on time. Winning!

  2. I collaborated with Learning with Friends, a company that equips parents with a buffet of open-and-go curriculum enrichment products that focus on creating an atmosphere of conversation, discovery, and expression. We did one of their sample lessons, and we loved it! Our favorite part was the WOW moment. Check out my Instagram post where I share more about it and then check out their site. Use STEPHHOME15 through 9/30 for 15% off their products.

3. I received a brand new shipment of beautiful mugs ready for the Fall design I created.

Visit Mugs and Mercy to see what my small business is all about.

4. Leslie started AWANA. Awana is a world-wide nonprofit ministry that gives children

the opportunity to know, love and serve Jesus no matter their background. To find a

nearby church by you that is offering this program visit


5. The kids and I joined a Charlotte Mason inspired homeschool group. Our first visit

was to Barefoot Beach in Bonita Springs, FL. We will be using this for enrichment. To

find out more about this philosophy/method visit

6. If you're a homeschooling parent or want to add a learning activity in your home I

found these blank USA maps. My oldest is learning the 50 capitals so I thought it was

perfect. It's a Target find!


7. And you, yes you, are always my favorite about every week.

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